Welcome to Vienna, City of Music!

 Enjoy classic concerts played by the Imperial Classic Orchestra in combinationen with a museum entry at Haus der Musik. 

The Salon orchestre “Imperial Classic Orchestra” presents a selection of classical music, dreamy waltzes and the most beloved operetta melodies, for the Viennese people and for visitors of the city. Discover the world of sounds on the four floors of the Klang Museum followed by a unforgettable concert. Experience the magic of the  worldfamous masterpieces of Mozart, Strauß, Beethoven, Haydn and Vivaldi.

Join our concerts at Haus der Musik, in the historic centre of Vienna. Enjoy the programme!

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 Concerts by „Imperial Classic Orchester“
incl. museum entry 

Program of the Orchestra

  • Singing & dancing to classical music

  • W.A. Mozart: The Magic Flute, Le Nozze di Figaro, Don Giovanni  

  • Johann Strauss: Vienna Blood, The Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz, Radetzky March 

  • Ludwig van Beethoven: Rage over a lost Penny 

  • Haydn: Instrumental Composition 

  • Vivaldi: Four Seasons 

  Subject to change

The World of Classik at Haus der Musik:

Experience Wiener Klassik conzerts at the Imperial-Concert Hall: First floor of the Soundmuseum „Haus der Musik“.

Haus der Musik,  Seilerstätte 30, 1010 Wien

  • Only a few minutes walk from St. Stephen's Cathedral and the State Opera 


1. floor - Wiener Philharmoniker:

The founding site of the most famous orchestra in the world. 

2. floor – Sonotopia

For those who like to experiment: The Sonotopia Center and the Virtual Reality Experience Sonotopia Universe & Lab.

3. floor - The great masters:

Mozart, Beethoven & co. - rediscover the great composers of classical music.

4. floor - The virtual conductor:

Conduct the world-famous orchestra of the Vienna Philharmonic yourself.